People think that because Marine Le Pen is a woman, all women should automatically support her

Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell

Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign for the presidency suffered from a national misunderstanding or misrepresentation of feminism.

Some felt that the rhetoric employed by campaigners and supporters called upon women to vote for Clinton, simply because of 'feminist solidarity' or 'sisterhood', regardless of whether they agreed with her policies.

This was ultimately rejected by her female electorate, particularly the white middle class female voter.

And now here we are again with Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right Front National in France and current runner up in the race for the French presidency.

Or, more specifically, with Paul Joseph Watson, editor of notorious Infowars.

Just a gentle reminder, therefore, that voting to coincide with your feminist principles does not mean necessarily voting for the female candidate.

That is, in fact, the opposite of feminism.

Once more for the trolls at the back - go Google the definition of feminism.


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