This parody video of the US election as a huge Marvel universe battle is leaving people speechless

This parody video of the US election as a huge Marvel universe battle is leaving people speechless
Marvel / Twitter / John Handem Piette

It’s been four days since Americans went to the polls.

And finally the result is clear: Biden has defeated Trump.

While the crucial task of counting votes continues, Trump is busy trying to convince his supporters that the whole thing is a sham. But networks have called the election for Biden.

So tensions are running high, to say the least.

Everyone is finding different ways of dealing with this. And since people took a deep breath and realised that Trump has likely (but not definitely) been defeated, memes have been everywhere.

But now something’s come out of the meme-verse (and Marvel-verse) that’s making people truly speechless.

Director John Handem Piette has turned the finale of Avengers: Endgame, the biggest battle in the Marvel universe, into the US election.

The Bizarre compilation video features Joe Biden as Captain America and Trump as villain Thanos.

Other people to appear are Barack Obama as Black Panther, Pete Buttigeig as Spiderman and Elon Musk as Iron Man.

As the battle hurtles towards its conclusion, John Lewis, John McCain, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and, most strangely, Sean Connery are brought back from the dead in the most bizarre and dramatic way.

It’s 2 minutes of pure, unfiltered weirdness and we can’t stop watching it.

People have a lot of thoughts on it…

Here’s a rundown of who appears where.

0 – 20 seconds

Donald Trump – Thanos

Joe Biden – Captain America

20 seconds – 40 seconds

Black Panther – Barack Obama

Okoye – Stacy Abrams

40 seconds – 60 seconds

Kamala Harris – Falcon

Bernie Sanders – Dr Strange

Elizabeth Warren –Mantis

Beto O'Rourke – Peter Quill/Star Lord

Cory Booker – Drax (with the knives)

60 seconds – 1 min 20 seconds

Pete Buttigieg – Spider-Man

Wakandan Tribes plus Dora Milaje – All Votes Matter

1 min 20 seconds – 1 min 40 seconds

AOC – Captain Marvel

Ilhan Omar – Shuri (for the second time)

Rashida Tlaib – Mantis

Hillary Clinton – Valkyrie

Nancy Pelosi – Wasp

Michelle Obama – Gamora

Andrew Yang – Wong

Gretchen Whitmer – Wasp (for the second time)

Hunter Biden – Thor

Elon Musk – Iron Man

Greta Thunberg – Pepper Potts

Ayanna Pressley – Pepper Potts (for the second time)

1 min 40 seconds – end

Joe Lewis – Ant Man (while in Giant Man state)

John McCain – Hulk

RGB – War Machine

Sean Connery – Rocket Raccoon

So there we have it, somehow the strangest two minutes of the election so far.

America, assemble!

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