Meanwhile, in the Caliphate, Isis appears to be burning giant piles of Pot Noodles

A day doesn't go by without Isis getting angry about something, and today it's the turn of the lowly Pot Noodle to feel the wrath of the terror group.

A series of stills have appeared on an Isis-affiliated blog which purport to show members of the group in Iraq assembling pots of the reliably-disappointing snack for a good ol' fashioned cleanse by fire.

(Some of them are out of date, so they had to get rid of them anyway, we suppose.)

Roughly translated, the blog says that the Pot Noodles have gone bye-bye for the sake of people's health.

Isis is very into clean living; there's also a public health campaign to get people to stop smoking, which involves the occasional ceremonial mass-burning of cigarettes (we're not sure they thought that one through, though).

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