No one knows what to make of Melania Trump's look of horror as Ivanka walks past

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Friday 28 August 2020 08:00

Sometimes, a person’s innermost thoughts are written all over their face.

Which is why people are speculating about the strength of the relationship between two of the women closest to Donald Trump: his wife, Melania, and eldest daughter, Ivanka.

And it’s all because of a rather unusual expression Melania was caught making after greeting her step-daughter at the Republican National Convention.

Take a look.

The moment occurred as Ivanka strode back from introducing her father for his acceptance speech as the official 2020 Republican presidential nominee.

Melania greeted the first daughter with a wide smile – at first.

But as soon as Ivanka was past her, cameras captured the smile quickly turning to a stony-faced grimace.

People were quick to pick up on the moment.

Some were sardonic.

Others speculated.

Some people just enjoyed the show.

There were jokes about Melania doing a That’s So Raven.

Everyone reached the same assumption though.

Then again, it could all have just been a facial tic that meant nothing, althugh there have been previous rumours of tension between the two.

Unless Melania speaks up, we'll probably sadly never know the truth.