Donald and Melania Trump often get caught in what appear to be awkward situations, and the internet has always been there to document them.

Like this photo opportunity:

Remember this one during the inauguration?

And this apparent dodge Melania employed avoiding the US president’s hand.

But now, we think we’ve found the mother of all awkward clips:

The clip, captured by NBC News, shows Melania and Donald Trump making their way to a jet chartered for Ohio. Melania has a long yellow coat draped over her shoulders, and her hands are tucked inside.

Trump appears to be trying to catch Melania’s hand but to no avail.

He stops suddenly and Melania stands still too. After a few awkward moments, the two make their way to the plane.


People online spotted the exchange…

Some praised Melania for her seemingly clever tactic...

It all makes sense now.

For real though...

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