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Guys, do you avoid using the crying emojis in case people think you are actually shedding tears IRL?

A new study of emoji use by social media monitoring company Brandwatch has found some interesting findings on which ones men and women prefer to use.

One of the biggest discoveries is that women are much more likely to using crying emojis than men.

Overall, 61.7 per cent of all tears-based emojis used on Twitter were from tweets by women.

The most commonly used crying emoji by males was the laughing crying face, but the sad crying cat for three times more like to be used by women.

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They also looked at sci-fi and horror based emojis, and found a similar skew.

The only one used by men more was the robot.

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Refusing to cry and acting like a cold emotionless robot is a pretty good approximation of toxic masculinity tbh.

But if there’s one thing men do prefer more than women, it is dick jokes.

And the data backs this up – 56 per cent of the eggplants on Twitter are in tweets from men.

Picture: Brandwatch

The ladies aren’t necessarily any more mature – they are the main uses of the poop emoji.

Picture: Brandwatch

Ok, this might not actually mean that much.

But if raising awareness of it allows a few guys to open up and embrace their feelings - even if it's just through emoji - it will all be worth it.

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