As First Lady, Michelle Obama was somewhat limited in what she could say and maintained a dignified silence when it came to Trump.

But now she is out of the White House, Obama is free to divulge all the things she couldn’t say while she was there.

Recognising this, Jimmy Kimmel asked the former First Lady to read out some cards with some statements he suspected she would want to make.

She read:

The whole eight years we were in the White House we used Laura Bush’s Netflix password.

I stole the phrase ‘when they go low, we go high’ from the back of a Snapple cap.

Clooney is my freebie.


I’m not sure which one is Sasha and which one is Malia​.

Kimmel reminded Obama that she was free to “cut loose and say anything now”, but Kimmel wasn’t that successful in getting Obama to dish some dirt.

However, the only statement Obama directly refuted was “I have never eaten a vegetable”.

Obama is currently on a promotional tour for her hotly-anticipated memoir, in which she reveals her true thoughts on Trump.

Celebrities including Alicia Keys and Tracee Ellis Ross have praised the book on Twitter for "starting a conversation".

In Becoming, Obama labels Trump a “misogynist” who tried to intimidate and “stalk” Hillary Clinton during the second 2016 presidential debate.

Aside from Trump, she talks life in the White House, her marriage with Barack and motherhood.

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