Little girl whose awestruck photo with Michelle Obama went viral dressed as her hero for Halloween
Ben Hines

Earlier this year, two-year-old Parker Curry was photographed staring at a painting of Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery.

The photo had been captured by Ben Hines, from North Carolina, who had gone to the gallery with his mum.

Months later, and the little girl remains the former first lady’s biggest fan.

Now three years old, Parker decided to go trick-or-treating dressed in a copy of the Milly dress Michelle wore for her portrait.

It’s adorable.

Parker had insisted on dressing up as Obama.

"We asked her a few times, ‘Are you sure?’" Jessica Curry her mother, told CNN.

The three-year-old had been adamant.

Yes, I do. I want to be Michelle Obama.

The dress was a gift from a woman called Alisha Walsh, who runs a children’s clothing company, Magnolia Lake Clothing.

When Parker saw the dress, "her jaw dropped".

She was just like, ‘Wow.’ She was really excited. She was giggly.

And did people recognise who she had chosen to dress up as?

"Some people did recognise the dress," her mum revealed.

[They were] tickled although none of them probably made the connection that [it] was Parker.

The photo racked up tens of thousands of likes and shares, reaching viral status again.

The first viral image led to her meeting Obama a month later, where the pair danced at a party, and she later appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Best of all? Michelle loved it.


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