Fox News host Sean Hannity already has a relationship with Donald Trump that is a little too close for comfort.

However, with the ongoing midterm elections, we really didn't expect to see him on stage with the president whipping Republican's excitement up into a voting frenzy.

Well, that's exactly what he did on Monday when he was on stage next to Trump at a rally in Missouri, an event he was only scheduled to cover as a reporter for the Fox News network.

In fact, just 12 hours before he was on stage with the president, Hannity had told everyone on social media that he wouldn't be on stage in Cape Girardeau.

Hannity was beckoned on stage by Trump, with his fellow Fox colleague Jeanine Pirro, as well as conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Given Hannity's dramatic u-turn, his appearance became a big talking point and he, arguably, didn't help matters by labelling his peers 'fake news.'

In his brief appearance the 56-year-old said:

By the way, all those people in the back are fake news.

He also repeated the Trump slogan 'promises made, promises kept.'Fox News, reportedly did not broadcast Hannity's appearance on stage.

Although it is troubling that a major news reporter would publicly lobby for the president on such a stage, as a result of his sudden reversal, Hannity has been heavily criticised on social media.

Hannity later added on his show that he had been "throwing footballs, signing hats and taking pictures " with supporters who were at the rally.

CNNalso reports that he received a high-five from White House communications director Bill Shine as he exited the stage.

Fox News is yet to release a statement on Hannity's involvement in the rally.


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