US comedian and political commentator Bill Maher has hit out at Donald Trump for his close relationship with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Hannity, who is one of the most vocal Trump supporters on Fox News, was the mystery client of Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Given Trump's close association with Fox News and Hannity, it probably wouldn't have come as a shock to most people that the two are linked on a closer level than just compliments on television.

However, the further revelations that Trump and Hannity regularly talk to each other over the phone and that White House staff members regard Hannity as an unofficial part of the administration was a bit too much for Maher to stomach.

On the most recent episode of his HBO panel show Real Time with Bill Maher,the 62-year-old admonished both Trump and Hannity for their lack of professionalism.

Maher said:

I mean, this is such a violation of what the Fourth Estate is supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be a branch of the First Estate.

Can you imagine if they found out that Obama was talking to Rachel Maddow every day? And they were sharing information?

I feel like that didn't get enough coverage.

New York Times journalist Frank Bruni, who was part of the panel then gave this very accurate response, which should be a cause for concern for all US citizens.

He can no longer pretend to be a journalist but it's funny because in the past you didn't constantly hear him saying 'I'm not a journalist, I'm an entertainer.'

As soon as this comes out he says, 'Oh but I'm an entertainer so I'm not bound by any sort of journalistic merits.' But it's very scary as an American to think that on major issues the President's first call is to Sean Hannity.

Watch the full segment in the video below:

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