Mike Pence has a really unusual way of delivering speeches and this video proves it

As vice president, Mike Pence might not get as much of the spotlight as Donald Trump does and is often seen hiding away in the shadows.

However, when it comes time to speak, he never misses the chance to make a bold statement to the rest of the world, like comparing Trump to Martin Luther King.

Until now you've probably never noticed that Mr Pence has a unusual way of delivering speeches.

It's not the incoherent rambling of a Donald Trump or the poise and consideration of Barack Obama.

No, it's more like a 1980s computer programme reciting lyrics from a Queen song, or a robot doing their best William Shatner impression.

If you don't quite know what we're on about, take a look at this video from The Daily Show.


It's both unsettling and incredibly hypnotic and, to be honest, we can't stop watching it. And it would appear that the rest of the internet is loving it too...

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