Mike Pence made a very awkward mistake

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It's normally United States President Donald Trump who makes headlines for typos, factual errors, lack of proofreading and general idiocy on Twitter.

But it looks like his deputy is learning from the master.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted to proclaim his solidarity and support for the Jewish people of Israel.

So far, so jingoistic.

But that wasn't the first version - this was:

Picture: Picture: Screenshot / Twitter (@kylegriffin1

All seems normal until you take a much closer look at that Israeli flag emoji.

See the problem?

Let's zoom in a bit...

Picture: Picture: istock / daboost

Correct - that's not the Israeli flag. That one belongs to Nicaragua.

This is the official flag of Israel.

Note the massive Star of David.

Picture: Picture: istock / daboost

It wasn't long before the Twitter-sphere picked up on this little gem...

Thank you, Kyle Griffin.

Dear Mr. Vice President, we refer you to the beloved online quiz site Sporcle and its handy map game.

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