We’ve all had a messy night out that’s gone a bit too far. But this story is really something else.

A drunk man who was reported missing ended up joining his own search party to find him, as you do.

According to Turkish publication NTV, Bayhan Mutlu, 50, was reported missing by friends in a rural neighbourhood near the city İnegöl after he drunkenly wandered away into woodlands after one too many and didn’t re-emerge.

But after search and rescue teams began looking in the area he was last seen, they got a pleasant surprise when they started calling his name in desperation only for a man to come forward and ask: “Who are we looking for? I am here”. It was, of course, Mutlu.

A local journalist shared a photo from the scene:

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It’s not clear how Mutlu discovered his own search party or how his friends didn’t notice he was with them looking for himself. It is also not known why he wandered away from his friends but we are sure that everyone is just glad he is safe.

Still, it sounds like quite the night out. We can’t imagine the hangover Mutlu must have had the next day...

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