Molly Mae Hague divides opinion with Instagram post about how much she hates Italian food

Molly Mae Hague is no stranger to going viral.

In fact, it seems no matter what the former Love Island contestant does on the internet, people love to talk about it, whether that's perfectly shutting down comments body-shaming her or offering her followers a chance to win an £8,000 giveaway.

But this week, the response to Hague's social media presence has been less than positive.

On Monday, she posted a picture to Instagram Stories of an ice cream against the backdrop of a cobble stoned street, with a caption in which she criticised the quality of Italian food.

She wrote:

I absolutely loved Venice but one thing I will say about Italy in general... the food is actually shocking?

So controversial I know but I've been a lot of times now to different parts and I've tried a lot of different restaurants and I'm always so disappointed. It's meant to be the home of pizza and pasta and I really can't see how! Strange. Even this ice cream was grim.

It's fair to say, people were not amused, labelling Hague "uncultured" and "ignorant" for her take.

Hague has in the past mentioned that she is a "fussy eater" though, and many were quick to point out that someone's taste in food (or anything, for that matter) really is none of our business nor a reasonable source of criticism – whether you prefer a Domino's pizza or one served to you on a Roman piazza has no bearing on your intelligence or decency as a person.

People also pointed out that those criticising Hague were probably her own social media followers.

And that if you're looking for people to reflect your taste of food, you may be in the wrong place.

Although there were those that pointed out that while saying she didn't enjoy a particular dish is fine, coming for an entire cuisine which is historically rich and diverse, is a little much.

Last year, Hague faced similar backlash after a picture of a meal she'd cooked for her boyfriend went viral, with people slamming it for looking "bland" and "tasteless".

The borderline obsessive policing of the food this young woman cooks and eats really does seem to give a whole to new meaning to "why are you so obsessed with me" doesn't it?

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