A mother accidentally confused a dead fly for a false eyelash and people are disgusted

Greg Evans
Monday 31 July 2017 08:30
Picture:(Getty Images)

House flies are a nuisance.

When they aren't buzzing around your home,annoying the hell out of you, they are clogging up your window sills with their corpses.

So inconsiderate.

Spare a thought for Molly Robbins' mother, Kate who was trying to attach a dead fly to her eyelid, thinking that it was a eyelash.

We can only imagine the horror on her face when she learned the truth.

Thank goodness that she didn't succeed in actually attaching the insect.

Is it too soon to use the term 'Flylash'?

Twitter users were equally shocked and disturbed.

As with most stories on social media, some people were sceptical about the authenticity of the story.

The plot thickened when Kate admitted that the photo came from her niece who was talking about her mother.

Who are we supposed to believe?

Either way, Molly who is an award winning cake maker, was a little annoyed that this was the tweet that finally went viral for her.

HT Twitter, Lad Bible

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