Robert Mueller just called Trump 'Trimp' and it's become a hilarious meme

Robert Mueller just called Trump 'Trimp' and it's become a hilarious meme

Robert Mueller, the former US Special Council who investigated Russian interference, is testifying before two congressional committees, and right in the middle, he accidentally called president Trump, 'president Trimp'.

While testifying before two congressional hearings on Wednesday, Mueller was asked to explain the conclusions he reached in his report into allegations that the Trump administration colluded with Russia, which was released earlier this year.

With the whole world watching, and Democrats poised to renew their calls for president Trump's impeachment, the little nugget of comedy gold didn't go unnoticed.

When taking questions from two House panels, Mueller was asked by representative Zoe Lofgren:

Did the investigations find that the Russian government procedure would benefit from one of the candidates winning?

Mueller then said:


Lofgren then pressed:

And which candidate would that be?

In response, Mueller dropped the 'T-bomb':

It would be Trimp... er.. Trump.

It goes without saying that the hilarious slip up soon became a meme.

Trimp the shrimp, anyone?


Many were keen to get 'Trimp' trending...

Did someone say... Trimp!?

There was even a Twitter account set up for it... All hail president Trimp!

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