Special counsel Robert Mueller gave a resignation speech and Twitter turned it into an instant meme

Special counsel Robert Mueller gave a resignation speech and Twitter turned it into an instant meme

On Wednesday afternoon special counsel Robert Mueller called an unscheduled press conference to address ongoing speculation into the Russia probe.

As you will be more than aware, in March Donald Trump was cleared of any potential collusion with Russian authorities after Mueller released his special counsel report confirming that he could find no evidence of the administration collaborating with Russia.

However, many Democrats who were still unhappy at this result continued to ask questions which resulted in attorney general William Barr releasing the report publicly and there were still no signs of collusion.

Seeking to finally put an end to any speculation Mueller made a very rare public appearance to defend the investigation and basically tell Democrats and Republicans alike to just leave him alone.

Now I have not spoken publicly during our investigation. I am speaking out today because our investigation is complete.

The attorney general has made the report on our investigation largely public. We are formally closing the special counsel’s office, and as well I’m resigning from the Department of Justice to return to private life.

I’ll make a few remarks about the results of our work, but beyond these few remarks it is important that the office’s written work speak for itself.

Mueller's short speech did hint that Trump did commit a crime but that he would have no further part in the investigation, essentially handing the reigns to Congress to determine what needs to be done.

The speech inspired some thoughts from US politicians, such as presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren who called on 'Congress to act'.

However, the jokers of Twitter found a way to make Mueller's otherwise sombre speech into a meme and it was hilarious.

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