Nancy Pelosi signed each letter of her name on Trump's impeachment articles with a different pen and Republicans are livid

Nancy Pelosi signed each letter of her name on Trump's impeachment articles with a different pen and Republicans are livid

Nancy Pelosi has now signed off on the two articles of impeachment which will start Donald Trump's trial in the Senate.

Speaking before the papers that will be delivered to the Senate on Thursday, Pelosi said:

He did not uphold his oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United States. 

Actions taken by the president undermined national security and … jeopardized the integrity of our elections.

So today, we make history, delivering articles of impeachment against the president of the United States.

And I'm now going to proceed to sign the articles. 

What followed next could only be described as an "unorthodox signing of papers."

Rather than writing her name on the paper's with one pen, Pelosi proceeded to the sign each letter of her name for the two articles with an individual pen.

The pens which were engraved with Pelosi's name were intended to be a gift to her aides and given the magnitude of the papers they were signing she clearly wanted everyone to have a pen that signed an article that impeached Trump.

The moment wasn't exactly conventional and was quite odd but beyond that it wasn't worth getting worked up about.

However, Republicans and Trump supporters were apoplectic about Pelosi's actions, some of which called it "disgusting."

One man who couldn't contain his rage was Greg Gutfeld, who was bizarrely retweeted by the president on Wednesday where he appeared to call the president a 'monstrous domineering behemoth.'

Speaking on Fox News, an enraged Gutfled said:

Did you notice that they had a silver platter for the pens? Everybody got a special party favour. A little pen to take home. 

We are paying for those fricking pens and that platter. Then you see the media taking pictures of the pens.

The hypocriscy of this annoyance was exemplified later that day by none other than Donald Trump.

When signing the deal for a new trade agreement with China, which coincided with the exact moment the impeachment papers were signed, Trump also handed out his own pens.

As the Guardian reports, many presidents from Obama to Roosevelt have used multiple pens to sign important pieces of legislation.

In fact, when it came to Bill Clinton's impeachment, those who signed a impartiality pledge received commemorative pens which featured the embarrassing typo of 'Untied States senators.'

If you thought this is all slightly ridiculous, Steve Doocy from Fox News was annoyed that Pelosi wore pink to sign the articles.

Then Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business said that the pens looked like bullet cases. Seriously...

HT Guardian

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