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Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, the head of the Institute for Policy, a far right and racist group has been bested in debate.

After getting punched in the face on camera, he's now been filmed debating students at Auburn University, Alabama.

According to Death and Taxes, Spencer had rented a hall at Auburn University via a third party.

His speaking event on Tuesday was greeted with protest and counter-protest by students at the university.

Auburn student Morgan Buckles claims to be one the who filmed the event.

Buckles told Huffington Post that Spencer and his supporters in the audience repeatedly cut off or drowned out other people when they tried to speak.

The woman in the footage was the only one who managed to get a dissenting word in.

Her question, once she had dealt with interruptions from Spencer and an audience member, was this:

My question is how are white people more racially oppressed than Black people, because I’m a Black Woman at a predominantly White institute and I want to know what challenges you all face that I don’t?

Spencer if he did answer, does not do so on the clip.

The woman followed up with a second question.

How did it feel to get punched in the face at inauguration?

See the full clip here.

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