A Trump campaign official, Brad Thomas, appeared on MSNBC recently to be interviewed by two financial journalists with decades of experience.

This proved to be a relatively large mistake, as he attempted to represent economic information to spin Trump's Presidency in a positive light.

Thomas is on the advisory board for Trump's re-election campaign and wrote a pro-Trump novel book about his dealings called "The Trump Factor".

He was caught out by the experience and knowledge of Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle.

Thomas started out attempting to claim Trump was a huge job creator and that he has "created over a million jobs" since the start of his presidency.

Velshi replied immediately:

Donald Trump is not even close to being the largest job creator in the first six months of his presidency.

Why do you continue to say these things?

Thomas then attempted to claim that Trump's proposals would stimulate the economy and produce jobs:

The cost-cutting measures that are coming into place here are going to stimulate the economy and create jobs, jobs for everybody. All races, everybody.

And that’s really what’s important. Yeah, I think that’s the most important part of this, that again the mainstream media really doesn’t recognize, is this job — he was hired — I hired him, I’ve doubled-down on the president of the United States, because I believe in him.

I started writing this book four years ago, nobody knew he was going to run for president, but I’ve doubled-down on this.

I believe he can make America great, and we’re already seeing that now. You can ignore these catalysts, but they’re there.

Velshi interjected that the market conditions were testament to Obama's economic legacy :

But Brad, I’ve given you evidence, Brad, I’ve given you evidence that the job creation is not as good under President Trump as it was under President Obama, under President Bush, President Clinton, the first six months of their office. 

I’ve given you evidence that stock market performance was better under President Obama and this is a continuation. But you just deny it and you go on to say other things.

So let's talk about infrastructure because I can go down this road with you as well. What exactly about infrastructure, of which we need a trillion dollars of investment, on which we are given a D+ rating by the American Civil Society of Engineers, what about infrastructure requiring public/private partnerships, what is helped by an executive order about permitting? That is just simplistic, you know that?

Ruhle added:

There is no infrastructure bill.

Later, when questioned about how Trump was going to cut corporation tax with his limited clout, Thomas tried to attack his hosts and imply they had no background in the subject:

Look, it’s just very complicated. And I get it, I know this is not your background so it may be hard for you to understand it-

He was interrupted:

(Both) What are you talking about, Brad?

(Velshi) It is far more our background than it is yours.

(Ruhle) Brad, I spent 14 years in investment banking.

(Velshi) You can’t just lie on TV, Brad. You can’t just lie on TV. You actually — I don’t know if your people told you who you were coming on TV with, but you can’t lie about the economy to us.

Brad then started talking about corporate tax.

You can watch the full interview, here:

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