Nigel Farage claims Brexiteers aren't racist... but warns they will join far-right groups if Brexit fails

Article 50 is beginning to look like a distant dream for Leavers as Theresa May struggles to come up with a way to make Brexit mean Brexit while maintaining the UK’s interests in the European Union.

The Sunday Times reports that Brexit may be delayed until as late as 2019 because the new Brexit department in parliament don't seem quite ready to face the tough negotiations.

Nigel Farage, who campaigned to leave the EU, has had rather a lot to say about the consequences of the delay:

The snippet from the ST article reads:

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Ukip, warned that failure to deliver on the EU referendum result and curb immigration could lead to mass demonstrations on the streets.

There was a 'real danger' that millions of people who voted for the first time in the EU referendum result would be tempted to join extremists such as the English Defence League if they felt ignored, Farage said.

But hang on, Farage said Brexiteers aren’t racist, right?

On June 29, less than a week after the referendum results, Farage responded to True Vision, a police-funded reporting website which claimed reports of racism had gone up by 57 per cent with the following:

I have to say I find Brexit leading to an increase [in racist attacks] - surprising - but if its right - it’s appalling.

We voted to get back control, we voted to have a sensible immigration policy.

If you can’t accept that we are living in a society that is mixed race, that has different religions, then probably you would have abused people regardless of the result.

So Farage is simultaneously claiming that people who voted for Brexit aren't racist but at the same time might join extremist groups like the EDL if we don't fully leave the EU?


Right Nigel. Of course.

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