Nigel Farage tweeted about BBC bias and people quickly pointed out the irony to him

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In case you missed it, Jeremy Corbyn was at Glastonbury this weekend.

While on stage he had some words for Donald Trump, he then did a shift in the beer tent and threw some serious shade at Theresa May.

A lot of people loved the effort to engage the youth vote - not everyone was so pleased though.

Nigel Farage told Corbyn supporters to "google Marxism" and then he complained about the BBC showing his speech at all.

The ex-UKIP leader retweeted a claim by a Guido Fawkes writer that BBC Radio 1 had tweeted an image of Jeremy Corbyn on stage and "swiftly deleted it", adding:

Why should we pay the BBC licence fee just so they can promote @JeremyCorbyn?


But er, people are pointing out that's he's being just the tiniest bit hypocritical.

Nigel Farage is one of the most regular guests on Question Time.

He's been on the BBC's flagship show 31 times since 2000 and 17 times since the 2010 general election.

He is the tenth most popular guest in the show's history, and appears on the show on average 1.7 times a year, more frequently than any other guest, despite never being elected to parliament.

He has the highest number of appearances for a non-MP.

Despite never having more than two seats in the House of Commons (and now having only none), a representative from UKIP has appeared on BBC Question Time on a quarter of all shows since the 2010 election, according to an analysis by Huffington Post.

People called out the irony.

It was also worth reminding him that Ukip have zero MPs:

Given it's Glastonbury, it is literally the BBC's job to broadcast what's on stage:

Others suggested Farage should go do a set at Glastonbury and see how he fares?

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