Nigel Farage said this about referendums and completely missed the irony

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Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is seeking a second independence referendum and Nigel Farage has something to say about it.

Sturgeon says the decision to give voters another chance to vote to leave the UK comes from a desire to protect Scottish interests from the UK voting to leave the EU and pursuing a hard Brexit.

Scotland voted 62 per cent to 38 per cent in favour of remain, compared to the UK as a whole, which voted 52 per cent to leave.

And now, Farage, the man many hold responsible for the whole Brexit mess, who stirred anti-immigrant sentiment, whose side made hollow promises of £350 million more NHS funding every week if Britain voted out of the EU, said that we shouldn’t let Scotland “go through a referendum where what they are being offered is not the truth”.

Farage seemingly said this with no hint of irony.

Or self-awareness.

Full Fact and the Telegraphhave just announced that the EU referendum campaigns mislead voters in relation to the money the UK pays to the EU (it’s less than was claimed) and that a move out of the EU will give the UK control back (the UK has voted with the majority in most votes).

But don't worry, Farage's contradiction hasn't gone unnoticed:

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