Owen Jones bumped into a young Tory from Liverpool and no one can actually believe he's a Scouser

(Picture: YouTube/Owen Jones
(Picture: YouTube/Owen Jones

Owen Jones, Guardian writer and former Independent columnist, spent some time "behind enemy lines" at the Conservative Party conference this week to find out what makes Tories tick.

As well as finding one man who dreamed of an eternal Margaret Thatcher-led government and a person dressed as a giant mosquito, Jones also bumped into some young people(!), which prompted him to question how they became Tories.

One young man, named Daniel Freeman, explained:

Well, it's odd. Until I was about 14, I was Labour. I grew up in Liverpool and my parents are both, like, my dad's a postman and my mum works in an office. It was a gradual sort of move.

But hang on, Jones thought, as the young Tory spoke to him in clipped received pronunciation, that's not a Scouse accent. So he asked him, "that is not a classic Merseyside accent, what's happened there?".

Freeman responded:

The least scouse Scouser of all time

What on earth makes a young person become a Conservative activist?See the full video here:

Posted by The Guardian on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I'm not entirely sure. I mean, I listened to a lot of Radio 4 growing up... and then I went to university.

Picture: YouTube/Owen Jones

In response to the video, both the Guardian and the Liverpool Echo have gone as far to question whether Freeman is the "least Scouse Scouser of all time".

Following the popularity of the video and some abusive comments online, Freeman has taken to Facebook to mount a defence:

While most of these attacks I can happily live with and ignore, there's one suggestion that I can't leave unchallenged. That is that I'm somehow embarrassed about being from Liverpool, or having not especially high earning parents. That I've consciously changed my accent to hide my background. This is simply untrue. I have never and will never be remotely embarrassed about where I'm from. Liverpool is a wonderful city which I am very glad to have grown up in, and neither my accent nor my political outlook change that.

You can watch the whole video, via Jones's YouTube channel, here:

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