With less than 24 hours to go until the polls open, the tension surrounding the general election is beginning to be felt.

Author and campaigner Owen Jones is among a number of Labour supporters keen to counteract any anti-Corbyn bias in the media.

During a recent interview with the BBC, Jones warned that Theresa May is a 'threat to national security'. His criticism of the Conservative leader follows last week's disturbing terrorist attack in London.

During her speech to the country following the attack, Mrs May announced that "enough is enough", and laid out her intention to truly get tough on Islamic extremists.

She was then reminded by many on the left that she had been Home Secretary for the past six years prior to becoming prime minister - and under leadership saw a number of cuts to the police force.

Jones said:

I think what Theresa May has shown throughput this campaign is that she is a threat to national security.

She has been home secretary for six of the last seven years in this country and in that period, 20,000 police officers have lost their jobs.

She accused the police in 2015of crying wolf and of scaremongering because of what they said would be the impact of those cuts. 

{Jeremy] Corbyn opposed cuts to police numbers, which May is directly responsible for. 

He said there's also another reason voters should be worried if May gets a majority tomorrow.

She’s tried to be ever-closer to a Saudi dictatorship, which is at the absolute epicentre of the exporting of international extremism, which is a threat to national security.

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