Someone needs to explain to Ukip's Paul Nuttall what 'Anglophobe' means

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It appears the leader of Ukip thinks Donald Trump is afraid of England.

In November, Paul Nuttall was chosen as the successor to Nigel Farage, who was successor to Diane James, who succeeded Nigel Farage, who succeeded Nigel Farage.

Keep up.

In an unfortunate bout of misspeaking on Tuesday morning Nuttall kept calling president-elect Donald Trump an "Anglophobe".

Anglophobe of course means someone afraid of angles... Not really, it means someone intolerant to the Anglo peoples of Great Britain.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme, Nuttall had this to say about Donald Trump.

Massively excited about Donald Trump!...It's clear he's an Anglophobe! He loves this country!


Trump is also an Anglo-Saxon, as are many Americans, so it would be even more surprising if he was afraid of them.

Perhaps Ukip has been misspeaking this entire time, and comments from some of their many suspended councillors were actually homophilic, and xenophilic.


Nuttall was subsequently asked if he would be standing in the Stoke-on-Trent by-election, brought about by the resignation of Labour's Tristram Hunt.

Psephologist Mike Smithson quoted Betfair's prediction that Ukip had a 29 per cent chance of victory, making it a prime target it for the Ukip leader.

In fact in 2015 Ukip came a narrow second, just 33 votes ahead of the Conservatives.

In addition; Stoke-on-Trent voted decisively to leave the European Union.

Fertile ground for Ukip.

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