People started being sexist about the new Cabinet before it was even finalised

In 1997 when Tony Blair swept to power with 101 female MPs they were referred to as "Blair's babes" by the press.

Eighteen years on, as David Cameron prepared to form his new Cabinet after winning a majority in the general election, some parts of the media were calling the women in his government "Dave's Darlings".

The phrase was first coined by the Sun, and we think Jeremy Vine's response pretty much sums it up.

So far the actual appointments announced to the Cabinet are:

  • Sajid Javid is Business Secretary
  • John Whittingdale is to become Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • Amber Rudd is the new energy secretary
  • Robert Halfon is the new deputy chairman of the Conservative Party
  • Priti Patel is the new jobs minister and she will attend Cabinet.
  • Boris Johnson will attend Cameron's Political Cabinet but is concentrating on being Mayor of London
  • Greg Hands is chief secretary to the Treasury
  • Oliver Letwin is head of the Cabinet Office
  • Matt Hancock is minister for the civil service
  • Mark Harper as chief whip

We await tomorrow's reports of the Downing Street catwalk with baited breath.

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