Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more bizarre, Piers Morgan just called Boris Johnson probably one of the strangest things ever.

The GMB host was discussing the fact that certain words like “nincompoop” and “sozzled” are no longer widely used or even understood among younger generations.

According to Morgan, 40 per cent of people under 30 have “no idea” was a “bonk” or a “cad” is.

He remarked:

Imagine going through life not knowing what a ‘bonk’ is.

Susanna Reid then quipped:

You’re missing out, youngsters!

Then came the insult of all insults from Piers Morgan:

Actually, if you think about it – every one of the words, which are going out of fashion, apply directly to our nincompoop, sozzled, bonking, cad Prime Minister.

Reid chimed in again, on a more serious note:

You’d think in the middle of the biggest crisis we have experienced in a generation, we would be able to have more respect for the leader who is leading us through.

And Morgan jumped in:

He doesn’t deserve any respect. He’s lost the respect of the people because he’s a bumbling fool who isn’t taking this seriously, And I’m afraid it’s a very serious situation. We need serious leadership.

Later in the segment, the two hosts took aim at the PM for not wearing a mask during a recent photo opportunity and not social distancing.

Morgan remarked again that Boris Johnson is a “bumbling fool”, adding that he “doesn’t even know his own simple rule of six”.


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