Imagine being on a night out, living your best queer life dancing away to Club Tropicana on a sweaty Heaven dancefloor and being confronted not with a topless George Michael lookalike but with... Piers Morgan.

Talk about killing a vibe.

Yet Morgan apparently feels he is "quite popular in the gay club" – the one gay club he once went to, along with Susanna Reid, apparently. (Freedom in Soho, in case you were wondering.)

It all came up when he read a tweet out asking him to "come out" because it's "obvious he's gay". He added that perhaps he should "have a break in Mykonos" with his "lover".

The tweet was sent by a viewer named "Barry Brown", who apparently has zero followers.

Clearly the Piers Morgan trolling didn't really work this time, as he seemed to take it on the chin, even adding that he likes Mykonos... which is surely important information to receive on a current affairs TV show.

Morgan received praise from a lot of gay people when he staged an epic takedown of someone promoting conversion therapy in 2017, but his record on trans and gender identities issues is thorny at best.

Let's just say that Mykonos or not, we're not crowning Morgan the LGBTQ+ ally of dreams just yet.

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