Plane diverted after staff spend two hours cleaning up dog poo

Plane diverted after staff spend two hours cleaning up dog poo
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A United Airlines flight was forced to divert after a dog pooped in the aisle.

The unfortunate incident took place on Friday April 5 when a Boeing 737 travelling from from Houston to Seattle (Flight 422) was less than an hour into the journey according to Flightradar24.

A passenger on board described what happened on Reddit, under the username "gig_wizard" who shared photos of the mess and detailed how the ground crew spent two hours attempting to clean the poop up with paper towels.

Despite these efforts, the passenger noted that "the smell never went away" from where it happened - right next to the first-class toilet.

As a result of dealing with the poop problem, the Reddit user claimed there weren't many snacks available due to the food going bad within this window.

Following this post in the United Airlines subreddit, the airline confirmed to Business Insider that this incident did occur on this particular flight.

It's not the first time something like this has happened...

Earlier this year in February on another United Airlines flight (from Denver to Portland), passengers were left feeling sick after a chihuahua dog pooped during the journey.

They were not happy with flight attendants. Eyewitnesses told TMZ that it took them 10 minutes to come over and address the concern.

Unhappy passengers in the immediate area were offered vouchers worth $50-$75 from the airline which released a statement on the incident to TMZ.

"Our inflight crew thoroughly cleaned the area shortly after customers brought this to our attention. We provided sanitizing wipes and offered travel vouchers to those in the surrounding area," United Airlines said at the time.

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