This is the safest place for you to sit in a plane


While a quantitative study has been hard to come by, there have been two major analyses on this subject by media outlets.

In 2015, researchers at Time went through 35 years of FAA data, attempting to identify where in an aeroplane the safest seats were.

They found, after limiting their research to 17 accidents since 1985, that seats in the rear third of the aircraft had a lower fatality rate (32 per cent) than seats in the middle (39 per cent) and front (38 per cent) of the plane.

In 2007, Popular Mechanics looked at survival rates for every commercial crash in the US since 1971.

This research also found that the rear seats were safest.

Survival rates for these seats were 69 per cent compared to 56 per cent over the wing and 49 per cent at the front of the plane.

These investigations go against the aircraft manufacturers:

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said:

It's an age-old question. There's just no way to say.

Meanwhile the Boeing website says:

One seat is as safe as the other.

They probably don't want to deter people from business class.

However, this is all a bit of a fascination, rather than a genuine necessity to investigate - your odds of being killed on a flight are one in 4.7 million.

Air Travel was the safest form of transportation in the United States last year.

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