Man fails after attempting boiling water trick during polar vortex


In case you’ve been living under a rock this week; there’s an arctic polar vortex swooping across America and it’s been causing people to do all sorts of bizarre things.

From leaving clothes outside until they become rock-solid to exploding toilet tanks, people have been getting creative in sharing the experiences in the freezing temperatures of around -17C (0F).

But the most popular trick posted online, saw people throwing boiling water into the air, only for it to freeze and turn into a white cloud of steam mid-air.

While it makes for some seriously impressive viewing, the trick can also go terribly wrong if not done correctly.

One man learned this the hard way when he burned his calf after attempting to do the boiling water challenge.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Chris Kieger, dressed in only short shorts and flip flops, can be seen throwing boiling water into the air of his head. While most of it evaporates, some remaining water drops down his legs, causing him to accidentally burn himself.

The video, which now has almost a million views, is appropriately captioned:

The air was cold, my calf was scalding.

Quite right Chris, you couldn't have said it any better.


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