Tucker Carlson calls wind power a scam and asks if it will 'heat your home when it's 30 below?'

Tucker Carlson calls wind power a scam and asks if it will 'heat your home when it's 30 below?'

Cold weather, ice and heavy snow are falling on both sides of the Atlantic leading to chaos and hazardous conditions.

This weekend the UK is bracing for temperatures to plunge below -15 in certain areas whilst there have been 12 reported deaths in the US as the polar vortex continues to inflict severe conditions.

With people literally dying because of the extreme weather conditions, it seemed like a good a time as any for Tucker Carlson of Fox News to discredit renewable energy.

In a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight, he scrutinised the Democrats 'Green New Deal' bill, which has been spearheaded by the likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey.

He chose to particularly criticise wind power, which he called a "scam" and an "elaborate rip-off" before asking a question which really didn't make sense.

 Wind power is a scam. It's an elaborate rip off perpetrated on impoverished rural America by a few heavily subsidised corporations that are getting rich from making the landscape uglier.

Solar is promising technology actually but we're still far from being able to efficiently store the energy it produces and storage is key in a power grid.

Solare is not a replacement for fossil fuels now or any time soon. Anyone who tells you otherwise hasn't bothered to learn anything about it that would describe most of the people pushing the Green New Deal.

How is wind power going to heat your house when it's 30 below?

Yep. A 49-year-old man just asked if a wind turbine would still work if it is below freezing outside.

Someone might need to tell Carlson that it is still windy when it is really cold and that the wind doesn't freeze.

It would also create even more perilous conditions if there wasn't any wind in that type of weather.

Needless to say, people were quite baffled by what he was trying to get at with this statement.

Bizarrely, Carlson wasn't the only person on Fox News on Thursday who didn't quite understand how renewable energy works.

Jesse Watters who is a political commentator for the network and co-hosts The Five with Dana Perino asked:

They have this new green deal or whatever. Ok, where they want to eliminate all oil and gas in ten years.

If you're in the polar vortex, how are you going to stay warm with solar panels?

Once again, Watters is a 40-year-old man who seems to think that solar panels will only work if the sun is out or if it is baking hot.

Much like Carlson, he soon found himself being mocked for his ignorance.

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