This is the world's most powerful passport - and it's not what you'd expect

German passport
German passport
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Let’s be honest, it must be pretty great to be Swedish.

You have free universal healthcare, free university education, lengthy paid holidays and one of the longest life expectancies in Europe.

Now, it turns out, they have another excellent perk.

Sweden has the world’s most powerful passport, at least according to a new report by consulting company Nomad Capitalist.

Countries’ passports were ranked on how advantageous they were in terms of visa-free travel, global reputation, international taxes and civil liberties.

Out of 199 countries, Sweden came out on top, while the UK was ranked 16th and the US didn’t even make it into the top 30.

The study found that Swedes can visit 176 countries without a visa, and have the ability to work abroad without having to pay tax at home. Sweden also received top marks in terms of personal freedoms, with citizens enjoying free speech, a free press and some of the lowest incarceration rates in the world.

While Brits can travel visa-free to 175 countries, our place in the table was let down by a lower score for individual freedoms: Three out of five to Sweden’s enviable five out of five.

So if, after Brexit, you're scrambling to obtain an EU passport, Swedish identity documents are clearly hot property at the moment.

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