Teacher shows off personalised handshake for every student in her class


Personalised handshakes at school seem to be all the rage.

In the latest in a string of cool teachers, Miss Jerusha Wollenborg from Texas came up with individual handshakes for every single member of her class.

Do you rate this teacher? Because we do.

Teaching at a school in Wichita Kansas, the video of her morning roll call was uploaded online. Instead of a register, she has her students line up outside class and let loose their cool handshake.

Miss Wollenborg's clip was taken back in 2017 but is making the rounds online again.

It may be due to a recent viral video by Texan kindergarten teacher Ashley Taylor, who also employs personalised handshakes for all her students.

Wollenborg does the handshake with each of her 20 students at Mueller Elementary School, and began doing it after one student introduced her to his special handshake.

She told KWCH:

He added on to it. Then, everyone wanted a handshake.

Passionate about teaching, she wants to show her students that she cares about them.

They are amazing kids, but you know, they're kids. At the end of the day, they give me their handshake, whether they had a good day or not, they leave that day knowing I still care about them.

There are loads of different moves incorporated into each unique handshake, including dancing, hugs, claps and dabs.

Here's miss at work, and it's awesome:

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