Someone asked Prince Harry what it's like being with Meghan Markle, 'as a ginger'. His response was perfect

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There isn't a couple in the world receiving more attention at the moment than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Since they announced their engagement on Monday, the country has been obsessed with finding out everything about the pair.

For instance, it was dug up that when she was 11, Meghan managed to get a sexist advert changed,.

Meanwhile, some people believe that Love Actually is somehow responsible for their relationship.

Now people want to know how Harry feels about his hair colour.

On Friday, both Harry and Meghan visited Nottingham and predictably the crowds lined the streets to greet the duo.

It was pretty ordinary, until one man, who was reportedly also a red-head, bellowed:

How does it feel being a ginger, with Meghan?

Despite the vague wording of the question, Harry still obliged with an answer.

His Royal Highness replied:

It's great, isn't it?


Just to prove that this interaction actually took place, here is a video of the incident, shared on Twitter by the Daily Mail's Royal Correspondent Rebecca English.

Whoever asked that question clearly didn't hear the news that ginger men are having more sex.

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