The Nato reception hosted by Buckingham Palace was a strange affair.

Not only were Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuelle Macron filmed mocking president Trump, but there was a touch of royal scandal in the air.

After footage emerged of Princess Anne, the Queen's only daughter, appearing to snub the Trumps, the internet was abuzz with reaction.

As memes and tweets flooded in, most people felt for the princess, particularly those who aren't fans of Trump.

It was a mood.

But now a different version of events has emerged.

According to Times journalist Valentine Low, Laura Elston of the Press Association says that Anne didn't snub the Trumps at all.

He posted a Twitter thread to explain the eye witness account further...

Neither Buckingham Palace or the Trumps have commented on the clip, so we may never know the truth.

But it is a good reminder that clips on social media might not always tell the full story.

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