A London pub-goer has come under fire after admitting he and his group of friends were “clearly not social distancing” but “it’s kind of fun” during a TV interview.

It came about after pubs reopened on Saturday morning for the first time in more than three months and huge crowds flocked to central London to celebrate.

Surrounded by a group of friends in close proximity, the enthusiastic man was interviewed by Sky News on Saturday evening in Soho.

The response to the flagrant disregard for the one meter social distancing rule across England drew instant criticism on social media:

While some placed the blame of large crowds in Soho not socially distancing squarely on the government:

And some rushed to clarify you can blame both the government, as well as individuals for not taking responsibility for their own actions:

The R rate rose to over one on Friday – meaning the number of Covid-19 cases is on a steady rise, as each individual is likely infecting more than one other person – just hours before the lockdown restrictions eased.

At the time of writing, 44,198 people have died as a result of coronavirus across the UK, but ONS figures push this number closer to 54,000 people.

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