Public infuriated after Conservative MP's car found parked in disabled bay

Serina Sandhu (edited@ev_bartlett
Saturday 06 September 2014 09:20
(Picture: Grant Sibley

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell's car was caught parked in a disabled bay, infuriating members of the public.

If anyone was left wondering who the car belonged to, the over-sized 'Vote Conservative' stickers, and, erm, his name on the side, were probably a bit of a giveaway...

(Picture: Rex)

It is clearly unacceptable for people to abuse disabled bays.

There is a particular responsibility on people in public office to play by the rules

  • Kate Green, Labour's shadow minister for Disabled People.

A spokesman for Mr Rosindell said that “the driver was unaware of any inconvenience caused directly by this, however we apologise if this was not the case”.

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