The food the royal family is banned from eating

During coronavirus, many of us have been learning to cook new dishes and "experimenting" with new food combinations (baked beans and pasta, anyone?)

When the shops were panic-bought out of food, lots of us had to cut back on stuff we'd normally eat.

Presumably, though, the royal family have a pantry that's relatively well stocked. But has reported that there are also some foods which the royals are never allowed to eat, even when we're not in the midst of a global health crisis.

They write that Buckingham Palace never stock shellfish, due to the risk from food poisoning, in an attempt to minimise the chances of sickness and therefore withdrawal from royal and diplomatic duties.

The article continues:

The Queen is rumoured to be very strict with these rules, however, many say Prince Charles has been a bit of a rebel and repeatedly enjoyed the fishy food.

The Daily Mail reported on this way back in 2014, when top chefs that make up the Clubs des Chefs met at Hakkasan in London and discussed the eating habits of heads of state.

Rosaleen McBride said that the Queen does not eat shellfish and that Philip used to like a lager with lunch, having spoken to the Queen's head chef, Mark Flanagan.

However, when President Obama visited the UK in 2011, crayfish was a starter on the Buckingham Palace menu – so we're not sure how much this information is to be trusted.

Meanwhile the Clubs des Chefs also revealed then-Presidents Barack Obama disliked beetroot and Francois Hollande detested artichokes.


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