The Queen cancelled Prince Andrew's 60th birthday party and the jokes wrote themselves

Darren Richman
Monday 25 November 2019 09:45

Prince Andrew has had his 60th birthday cancelled by the Queen days after effectively being sacked by his own mother.

It’s astonishing that a man who basically had to do nothing if he wanted to enjoy a lifetime of decadence and privilege has managed to mess up so royally (pun very much intended) that he’s now a pariah.

The sweat immune, Pizza Express loving prince has angered the Queen by arranging the Emily Maitlis interview in which he attempted to clear his name of associating with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein that he managed to come across so badly that he may as well have been a thief from a children's book leaving a house with a bag slung over his shoulder emblazoned with the word, “Swag”.

Schadenfreude is a powerful drug and the jokes flowed thick and fast at the expense of the clown prince.

HT The Poke

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