James O’Brien shuts down three bizarre Prince Andrew calls in 3 minutes

LBC radio presenter James O'Brien was on the receiving end of not one, nottwo, but three irate callers in a matter of minutes all about Prince Andrew each of which resulted in him cutting the calls short.

If you've ever listened to James O'Brien's radio show you'll be well aware that he's often subjected to odd phone-ins from listeners wishing to express their opinions on an all manner of subjects, but even he looked perplexed by his latest spate of callers.

The presenter was discussing the recent answers given by Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn during their televised election debate on Monday evening in which they were quizzed on the current state of the British monarchy. Corbyn's honest response on the matter was that "it needed some work," where as current PM Boris Johnson expressed his opinion that the royal family were "beyond reproach," which caused no end of controversy.

As O'Brien opened up the floodgates to his listeners the first caller took exception to the radio presenter referring to Prince Andrew as 'Andrew Windsor.'

Caller number once, a well spoken lady named Muffy said:

I'd like to bring up the way you are now referring to Andrew Windsor, that is absolutely incorrect. Whatever you think about him, his correct title is His Royal Highness Prince Andrew.

An odd thing to point out considering the levity of the matter being discussed, specifically that of his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Not to miss a beat O'Brien swiftly responded with the question:

Can I say: His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, the paedophile's friend.

Not one to admit defeat, Muffy responded with her own question:

How many friends have you got that may have done silly things or bad things?


None that have been jailed for it.

At this point Muffy spiralled off in her response before being curtly cut off by O'Brien to take the next call only to be greeted by Alex from Kingston who appeared to suggest that the current negative press for both Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein was a witch-hunt entirely based around anti-semitism.

In disbelief O'Brien moved on yet again only to be greeted by Amanda who began her argument by saying that all of the royal family were being unfairly tarred with the same brush due to the allegations against Prince Andrew which was debunked by O'Brien after replaying a clip from the debate.

In an utterly bizarre move Amanda then begins to seemingly defend being friends with a paedophile in an interaction that really needs to be heard to be believed.


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