Queer Eye features its first ‘visibly disabled hero’ and it has divided opinion

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 23 July 2019 14:30
Picture:(Queer Eye/Netflix)

Netflix’s Queer Eye released a fourth season of it's hit series and the second episode, titled “Disabled but Not Really,” and it’s launched a discussion about the presentation of disability on TV.

In the episode viewers are introduced to Wesley Hamilton, who is the first person in a wheelchair to be featured in the show’s history.

Hamilton is a community activist, adaptive athlete and founder of an organisation called Disabled But Not Really.

Some members of the disabled community, and their friends and family disliked the title of the episode, as they argued that it framed disability as a negative.

Dan Freeman, disabled writer and academic penned a thread about it on Twitter, remarking that there is a lot of “internalised ableism” going on.

Others criticised the depiction of a man with a disability as "disappointing"

However there are those who argued that Queer Eye's depiction was on point

And pointed out Hamilton "made his own classification" and it's "just as valid as anyone else's"

The episode made some people feel "empowered"

And highlighted the problems with the American healthcare system

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