Question Time asked if avocado toast is stopping young people buying houses and the response was brutal

The debate over young people being able to afford a home is something that isn't going to go away anytime soon.

As long house prices continue to rise, interests remain low and wages stubbornly refuse to increase (and let's not mention the uncertainty of Brexit) owning a home is a near impossibility for a lot of young people.

This unfortunate fact shouldn't mean that young people can't enjoy their lives and the things that keep them happy, healthy and active.

Last year, the discussion was blown wide open by Australian millionaire Tim Gurner who rather insultingly claimed that young people should stop buying coffee and "smashed avocado" if they wanted to afford a home.

This flippant comment didn't go down very well at the time and it hardly needed to be dragged up again, but thanks to BBC's Question Time it has once again risen from the ashes like a phoenix.

In fairness to Question Time, the question, which was used as a quote, was discussed in a far more civilised fashion than the usual rhetoric that dominates the show, and everyone agreed that young people have been given a short shrift when it comes to buying a home.

It's actually worth a watch, no matter if you own a home or not, and presents the troubles that surround this topic in a very thoughtful manner - apart from the segment about tuition fees, which got a bit out of hand.

However, if you didn't happen to see the discussion, the resurrection of the question and its demeaning tone rubbed people the wrong way.

There were, of course, a few jokes to be had.

Not everyone agreed.

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