University of Reading responds perfectly to people complaining that refugees received scholarships

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The University of Reading has had enough of people criticising their plan to offer scholarships to refugees and have one message to those who don’t like it: ‘jog on’.

The uni’s official Twitter account wrote:

We’ve had feedback over the last week that some people are unhappy with our plan to offer up to 14 scholarships to refugees living in the local area. To those people, we would say: Tough. Jog on.

The University of York jumped in and offered their support.

And the University of Bristol added that it was one of the first universities to pioneer such an idea.

The scholarship scheme was developed with the Reading Refugee Support Group (RRSG) and Reading University Students’ Union, and will be giving up to 14 scholarships to refugees.

Gaby Couchman, deputy manager at Reading Refugee Support Group, said:

We work with a number of refugees in Reading who have a strong desire to engage with higher education in the UK. These are often young and highly educated people who have had their studies interrupted due to conflict and persecution in their home country.

The launch of the Reading Scholarship Scheme is a powerful tool to enable refugees to help rebuild their lives in the UK. We look forward to supporting our clients into higher education and beyond.

People on Twitter are praising the university for its decision.

But not everyone liked the move. One Twitter user asked why scholarships aren’t being offered to underprivileged British students…

…except they are.

Whoever is running the university's Twitter account won the internet.

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