When you work in real estate, you’ve got to find fresh ways to stand out.

That seems to be the thinking behind a new advert for a luxury home in Australia, which must be one of the most ridiculous of all time.

What makes it so ridiculous? Well, you can see for yourself below:

The video, which was first posted by real estate firm LJ Hooker Bankstown, is for a house in the Padstow suburb of Sydney.

And if all that dancing and jumping on table tops doesn’t make you want to buy it, nothing will.

Obviously, the advert ended up getting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons and soon went viral in Australia.

One user found a way to make the clip even better, by unleashing its full potential as an 80s dance classic.

And the video also revealed that you’d be able to see someone in the toilet from the kitchen/dining room, which is not ideal…

LJ Hooker Bankstown has since apologised for the video and removed it from its social media.

The company said:

LJ Hooker Bankstown is always looking for new ways to market our listings; however, this time we missed the mark.

We live and we learn.

But to be honest, no-one should be apologising for the video – if anything, we should be thanking them for making it.

Sam Nader, the man who commissioned the video, told the Guardian Australia that he “wanted to do something different in the industry”.

And it is definitely different.

He said:

Video gets attraction to the property, and the whole point of real estate is to get as many eyes as possible on the property.

It was supposed to be funny. Whether it’s funny, it’s rude or it’s sexy, every video I do is different.

By that standard, you could almost say the video is a success.

Nader’s new fans will be patiently waiting for his next work…

HT: Mashable

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