Author's abhorrent tweet about reasons you shouldn't be depressed gets him destroyed

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It's a well known cliche, but people often don't believe that mental health issues are real, because they can't be seen as easily as, say, a broken leg or a cut on the skin.

However, just because someone's pain can't be seen with the eyes, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, or they're being self indulgent, or even that they're just moaning.

In recent years, the general perception of mental health has, mercifully, improved.

More and more high profile people have come out to say that they, too, have struggled. Celebrities including Prince Harry, Stephen Fry, and ex-Spice Girl Melanie C have all disclosed that they've suffered from anxiety, depression, or eating disorders.

Their openness helps to break down stigma, and also assists others in coming forward and seek the help and support that they deserve if they're struggling.

However, sadly, some people still hold a backward, 'buck up' approach to mental health.

This author, Reno Omokri, exhibited his ignorance in an offensive tweet. Taking to the social networking site, he wrote:

Needless to say, others were quick to call him out.

Some said they were simply 'unhelpful' to those struggling.

Another shot the questions right back at him.

It was also highlighted how insulting the tweet was.

Depression 'is not material dependent'.

It is also a serious medical condition.

And a mental illness.

It's a neurotransmitter imbalance.

And, stances like this simply engrain stigma.

Another summed it up.

This isn't the first time that Omkori has aired questionable views on Twitter. In February this year, reports that Omkori took to his account to argue that women should reserve their bodies for their husbands only.

In an extremely offensive tweet, he wrote:

Dear women

When men have sex with you,they deposit some of their personality in you through their discharge. Having multiple men discharge into you negatively affects your psyche and personality. God designed women to be recipients of only their husband’s discharge #RenosNuggets 

The tweet quite rightly garnered a huge backlash, with people calling out its blatant sexism, as well as its dubious rooting in scientific fact.

At this rate, we'd suggest that you avoid #RenosNuggets like the plague.

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