Researchers finally confirm what we've all been saying about the female orgasm

The subject of the female orgasm is a strangely controversial one.

The question of whether or not a woman can have an orgasm through penetration alone, and whether vaginal or clitoral stimulation results in the ‘better’ orgasm, has long plagued men (and women).

A review by Concordia research found that women experience orgasms through a variety of ‘sensory inputs’.

Author and psychology professor from the Faculty of Arts and Science Jim Pfaus wrote a report in which he concludes that women experience orgasm from the external clitoral glans, the G-spot, the cervix and through the stimulation of non-genital areas like the nipples.

Additionally, the intensity and extent of the female orgasm depends on her sexual experience, as well as how much she knows about her own body in relation to pleasure.

Orgasms don't have to come from one site, nor from all sites. And they don't have to be the same for every woman, nor for every sexual experience even in the same woman, to be whole and valid.

Unlike men, women can have a remarkable variety of orgasmic experiences, which evolve throughout the lifespan. A woman's erotic body map is not etched in stone, but rather is an ongoing process of experience, discovery and construction.

So let’s put the debate to bed:

Not all female orgasms are the same, and women will experience different kinds of orgasms, in varying intensity, through a range of internal and external stimulation, in different contexts and with different partners throughout their lives.

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