Residents of Brighton 1, Mother Nature 0

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 28 July 2014 11:20
The rain was too much for Worthing train station to take

A spot of inclement weather is usually enough to bring the entire infrastructure of the United Kingdom to a grinding halt.

So when thunderstorms, hailstones and severe rainfall lashed down on the south coast this morning, the staff at i100 towers were expecting the good people of Brighton to batten down the hatches and hibernate till lunchtime...

A hefty sprinkling of hail stones on the roads of Brighton (Picture: Julie Rainey)
Lighting strikes the south coast (Picture: Lorelei Gibb)
Brighton resident Harry Garth captured this picture of hail stones

However, Brighton plays by its own rules and responded in its own way...

With highly impractical travel advice

With references to mythical gods

With streaking

This is how residents of Kemptown reacted to the storms (Picture: Annabel Giles)

And with hashtags

Take that, Mother Nature...

Apart from, you know, all the major traffic jams, rail delays and flash flooding across Sussex being reported elsewhere.