Disgraced actress Roseanne Barr calls AOC a 'Farrakhan-loving b****' and 'bug eyed' in unhinged rant

Roseanne Barr/ YouTube/ Caitlin Ochs/ Reuters

Disgraced actress Roseanne Barr, who was fired last year by ABC after making racist comments about an adviser to Barack Obama, has made a new enemy out of Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In an explicit video she posted to YouTube, Trump supporter Barr laid into AOC's proposed Green New Deal - because what's worse than trying to save the planet?

She said:

That Green New Deal...Farrakhan-loving b****. I don’t remember her name. The bug-eyed b**** who looks like a realtor.

I'm going to try to correct some of the mistakes she's made, like costing hundreds of people decent paying jobs because, I don't know, because they breathe carbon in the air or some horse-sh**.

She got paid to do that. She got paid to decimate communities. But that's what the Dems have been doing. That's what socialism does.

Socialism is a fake fu***ng con. It's just like capitalism but it comes from the bottom up. It's a fu***ng Ponzi scheme and a con game.

AOC's Green New Deal claims it will prioritise groups like the poor, disabled, and minority communities that could be disproportionately affected by economic and climate changes.

The deal is designed to simultaneously create jobs, dramatically expand environmental protections and cut carbon emissions.

Barr also claimed in her video that Democrats were motivated to bring in immigrants because "no Americans are going to vote for their ass anymore".


Given Barr's dramatic fall from grace and the offensive nature of her comments, the Internet didn't waste any time responding in the perfect way.

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